It didn’t work.

In fact, this is the fourth time I have failed at hosting a vibrant forum.

Since I am highly experienced at failure (but am NOT personally a failure), I know how to end an experiment - - -

With finality.

Like this.

The SLG Blessing Forum is gone. Went. Vanished. Expunged. Extinguished.

Just like that.

So what now?

  1.  If it ever was life giving to you, bless that memory.
  2.  Then move on.

Google (who is only wrong half the time) says there are a third of a billion forums out there.


Or, try our MeWe page if you want to celebrate, explore or spar in a compound, complex, fractal sort of way.

Epitaph:  One of a kind funeral director!

Arthur Burk
November 2021

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